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Driving Information and Practice Written Driving Tests

U.S. Citizenship Information and Practice Tests

Citizenship Preparation Classes in the Detroit area - in person and via Zoom: https://www.iimd.org/education-and-training-classes/citizenship-prep-classes

Civics Test Questions:

1. All 100 Civic questions, with answers. Good to use when quizzing a student. From USCIS. (PDF)


2. Gives multiple choice answers to 20 Civics questions per quiz. Can play audio to listen to the question.  Also gives some explanation of the US history relevant after the question is answered. Provided by the USCIS.


3. Multiple choice Civic test. Can listen to audio of the question.


Writing and Reading Test Prep:

Interactive quiz using the words on the English writing test. Has two levels. First level has you move words into the proper sequence. Second level has you type the complete sentence:


Preparation for Citizenship Interview:

1. This is a video from USCIS that shows you what to expect on the day of your interview.


2. This is a citizenship interview video where a woman asks a question and gives you time to answer. I suggest that you Stop the video after each question. Then, you answer the question out loud. If you did not understand the question, you can replay it. Re-start the video after each of your answers to hear her next question.


3. Common questions asked during citizenship interview. Two videos.

Part 1;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XtwabagYYg

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbuP_-F8BvA

4. What to bring to your citizenship interview.


5. Video describes the common mistakes to avoid during your interview.


6. These 4 videos will help you understand the vocabulary (words used) in Part 12 of the N-400 interview questions. The end of the link title lists the question numbers that are talked about in that video.

7. Video example of citizenship interview:


8. This video is an example of a woman having her citizenship interview.


9. This video is of a woman who just finished her citizenship interview. She tells about her experience and the questions she was asked.


10. Examples of "small talk" questions that an officer may ask before your interview. Examples of answers to the questions. (9 minute video)


11. Several different versions or ways that the USCIS officer may ask the same questions. (9 minute video)


12. Video has 12 tips to pass your citizenship interview: (11 min video)


Oath Ceremony Prep:

1. Oath of citizenship read for you to hear and repeat (6 minutes)


2. Video of what to expect at the Oath Ceremony.  Mentions how to prepare, what to expect at the ceremony, and what needs to be done after you become a citizen: (15 min video)


3. Oath of citizenship written down. Vocabulary words defined. From USCIS (PDF)


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