Welcome to the Plymouth-Canton Community Literacy Council!
We are a volunteer, non-profit organization aiming to improve adult literacy in Plymouth-Canton and surrounding areas of Western Wayne County.  
Our mission is to provide adults with basic reading, writing and communication skills, so they may participate in their community and reach their fullest potential in life.  For over 27 years, we have been offering the following services to enhance the lives of individuals in our community:

One-on-One Tutoring for adults 16 and older who need help with basic reading, writing or English as a Second Language (ESL).
Conversation Groups for adults learning to speak English as a second language.
ESL Book Club for English language learners looking to improve reading and conversation skills by discussing popular fiction.
Comprehensive Tutor Training for our volunteers.            

 Literacy Matters
  • Low literacy adds about $230 billion to our nation's healthcare costs annually.
  • Illiteracy costs an estimated $225 billion a year through workplace accidents, lost productivity, unrealized tax revenues, welfare payments and crime.
  • 14.5% of American adults with low literacy skills are unemployed.
  • 1 in 5 American adults cannot access or use the internet.
  • 70% of prison inmates are functionally illiterate or read at or below the 4th grade level.
  • Uneducated girls are 4x more likely to have a child before their 19th birthday than those with a secondary education.
  • Patients with low literacy skills have a 50% increased risk of hospitalization.
  • Funding for adult literacy programs decreased by $6 million in 2011.
* Data from ProLiteracy America