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2015 Spelling Bees Coming Soon!
Youth Bee: March 11, 2015
Adult Bee: March 25, 2015

2014 Spelling Bees Raise Over $5000 for Literacy!

23rd Annual Adult 
Spelling Bee
March 26, 2014

Excitement ran high at our 23rd annual adult spelling bee as twelve teams battled for the championship.  

Spelling teams were given a list of words to study for the first several rounds, and by the time those word lists were exhausted an unprecedented 
six teams remained.  The field quickly narrowed as the remaining teams were asked to 
spell more difficult words that they had not been given in advance.   Five teams were eliminated as a result of misspelling "psittacism," "saponaceous," "psyllium," "mundungus" and "circumambient."  

By the end of the evening, only one team, the Huntington Learning Center "Booyah Beez," remained to claim the prize by correctly spelling "shibboleth." 

This year's spelling bee was particularly poignant for the CLC, as the championship prize was officially named the Janet Campbell Memorial Spelling Bee Trophy in memory of CLC founding member and long-time literacy advocate Janet Campbell, who passed away in 
April 2013. 

The Huntington Learning Center Booyah Beez pose with the 
Janet Campbell Memorial Spelling Bee Trophy.  
(Spellers Peter Buchanan, Mallie Abdulhadie, and Jen Harbowy 
with Huntington Learning Center owner & team sponsor, Wie Pan)

Sister spellers for Campbell's Collegians, sponsored by Dr. David Campbell, 
confer before spelling their word for the judges. 
                       Youth Spelling Bee
                                   February 26, 2014 

The CLC's inaugural youth spelling bee featured eighteen 4th and 5th grade students from six elementary schools throughout Plymouth and Canton, including Bentley, Farrand, Miller, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Plymouth Scholars and Tonda. 

Like the adult bee, the students were given a list of words used in the preliminary rounds to study in advance.  Unlike the adults, however, these brave kids participated as individuals rather than in teams.  We thank them for their participation and we are proud of their accomplishment!

Tonda Elementary 4th grader looks to the judges 
after correctly spelling "urgent." 

Farrand Elementary 5th grader chuckles as he correctly spells "muscular" at the 2014 Youth Bee.

Second place winner (left) and 2014 Youth Spelling Champion, both 4th graders at Miller Elementary, pose with their trophies.