Our Tutors Make a Difference!
This is a picture of my tutor, Bob, and I studying at the Northville Library.   I am from Colombia, a college graduate and working here as an au pair to improve my English.  My goals are to become proficient in English, eventually earn an MBA and to have a professional career.  At our Monday morning sessions we worked on my preparation for the TOEFL, pronunciation, and grammar with an emphasis on the language of business.  I really appreciate the tutoring I received through the Community Literacy program.  It has definitely given me more confidence in speaking 
and writing English, which will help me to reach my goals.  Thank you very much!  
                                                                                                                                    - Ruth

My name is Junko.  I have been taking ESL lessons for 1-1/2 years.  I learned about American culture 
and American holidays.  I improved my conversation skills and shopping knowledge.  Sometimes I asked my tutor to explain my son's school programs.  I was in a car accident.  My tutor phoned the insurance company about the  collision.  My tutor took me strawberry picking.  My tutor introduced me to a Chinese friend who is now in Japan as a missionary. I learned how to write good sentences.  I learned grammar and how to read stories and increased my vocabulary.  Traudy is the best teacher.  I was comfortable having tutoring sessions with her because she helped me correct my mistakes immediately.   The Community Literacy Council’s ESL tutor program is a good program.  My tutor and I have become good friends.
- Junko